Update, 11/11: Kylie Jenner continues the tour of her house with a look at her "Glam Room," where she reveals, "This is actually where I spend the most time."

From her impressive makeup hoard and collection of wigs to a light-up sink, see where the magic happens below.
Update, 10/22: Last week, Kylie Jenner offered a tour of her Calabasas mansion on her official app. Today, the social media star shared a glimpse into her closets—"pretty much every girl's dream"—in a two-minute video.
"This is my favorite room ever," Jenner declares of her shoe closet, explaining how she added shelves, which are loaded down with heels in every color imaginable. Jenner also shows off a table of Prada and Louis Vuitton bags, including a few mini bags from her childhood: "There's a picture of me with my grandfather and I'm like two, holding this little Prada purse."
Next, Jenner shares a walk-through of her regular closet, complete with pieces from her Kylie and Kendall Collection, which will be released next year: " I want to wear everything right now but I don't want to give too much away. That's a little taste of what's to come," she says, referring to a white dress and white cropped top hanging in the closet.
Original post, 10/12: You might've already seen pictures of Kylie Jenner's $2.7 Calabasas home, but now she's giving fans a deeper look with a personal tour. The 18-year-old homeowner walked viewers through her house straight from her app. Jenner purchased the five-bedroom house eight months ago, but had it renovated before moving in.
Jenner's first video is of her living room and kitchen, which includes a massive refrigerator full of organic goods and a breakfast room she still hasn't used. The living room itself features a Restoration Hardware couch and artwork from the Kylie Lip Kit; but the true highlight might be boyfriend Tyga's mugshot on display (doubling as a romantic memento and a conversation piece). The photo of the 25-year-old rapper, taken three years ago, sits on the TV shelf, along with Jenner's family photos.
A second tour shows Jenner's magnificent master bedroom—locked with a passcode—and bathroom and sitting room. Her bedroom, which has a mini-fridge holding only water, is a lighter version of the one in her mother's house, with grey and fur accents (instead of all-black everything) and tons of natural light. The closing shot even gives us a peek at her walk-in closet, bodysuits and leather jackets included.
Take a look at the stills below.

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