For years now, dirtlipped Canadian songbird Justin Bieber has resided in America. I don’t know why. He’s had multiple homes in LA, and I would assume that he has some kind of special celebrity visa or “permanent alien resident” status.

I’ve always assumed that he maintained his Canadian citizenship throughout it all. And I was right? It seems like Ol’ Dirtlip is looking to make a permanent move back to Canada soon.
Wow, Canada will take Justin back AND they’ll take a nepotism model off our hands? Thank you, Canada. Who knew that all this time, all it would take for Justin to go back to Canada was a heavily drugged-out and drama-filled social scene in America. And do you think Hailey would really be that eager to move away from LA and her family? Well, it’s just Canada. It’s not like she’s moving to Bhutan. Also: if it meant getting the hell away from the orange fascist, would you marry Justin Bieber just to move to Canada? I would not. That’s a bridge too far.
Is anyone else reminded of the 2014 Olympics when the American and Canadian hockey teams made a bet that the losing country gets Bieber?

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