The Hollywood legend and sex symbol Robert Redford in August, said he will retire, say, the time has come, 21 years removed as possible, it’s time to know and honor.

And the movie “the old man and the gun” that needs to be released, will be his last picture. Now Redford regret said. “It was a mistake. I never had to talk about this. Never say never”. 82-year-old actor, producer, Director, winner of two Oscars and the founder of one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals Sundance — the people are incredibly shy and not public. Lives on a ranch in the American heartland, can not imagine life without nature. Real, wild, not spoiled by man. Self-promotion was not engaged never, and to what it was. That’s why he doesn’t like himself, what he said.
Because now, rightly believes Redford, all attention will be chained to his replica, and not to the film. If he really was going to leave the cinema, it would have done it quietly. Slipped in the door so that no one noticed. In any case, it is for Redford will have the last word or laugh, because if this picture will be his last, will bring the audience a lot of joy and fun. “History and my hero, a real, true, robbed 17 banks 17 times, was captured and jailed 17 times and ran away from there! Fantastic crime Comedy! Invincible story. Even in our gloomy and dark times brings hope and a positive attitude”, he said.
In General, it is not trying to achieve from Redford answer the question, it’s his last movie role, he refused to answer. “Let it remain a mystery and my secret,” smiled Redford, in his eyes all the time. In these eyes sky-blue color when “drowned” his partner on the film “Barefoot in the Park” Jane Fonda (they have not once played together and were friends all his life), so, according to her own admission, “still not been able of them come up”. Redford admitted only one thing — it would be hard to speak and think about giving up acting. Not less hard than us to ask him. Of course, he can continue to work as a Director, producer, and engaged in a festival, to paint, finally, but to talk about his acting finale still wasn’t easy after more than 50 years in the movies…

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