A new report claiming Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have “called a truce” in their divorce following a “secret meeting” is both late and wrong. Gossip Cop already debunked this story when it emerged last week. We can once again set the record straight.

Last week, Gossip Cop corrected an ET Online story saying that Pitt and Jolie had a secret meeting at her house to “improve their co-parenting relationship” and “make things work” when it comes to sharing custody of their kids. The article said the meeting was a “success,” but included no real specifics, such as when the get-together took place and what the two had agreed on in terms of custody.
The quotes in the piece were quite suspicious as well. The “insider” kept alternating between referring to Jolie as “Angelina” and “Angie.” A real source close to the actress would call her by one name, especially in the context of telling a story about her. Regardless, Gossip Cop reached out to several trusted Pitt and Jolie sources, and one Pitt insider told us the so-called meeting “never happened.”
Unfortunately, Celebrity Insider has decided to recycle the inaccurate report without bothering to do any fact-checking. After regurgitating some of the claims in the ET story, the blog writes, “If the reports are true, this could be a step towards finalizing the divorce and moving on.” Considering the website itself isn’t sure if the report is true, it probably should have done some more research before blindly spreading a false premise.
While giving its account of the original article, the blog uses terms such as “the source claims” and “Jolie is the one who allegedly put the secret meetings in motion.” Using words like “claims” and “allegedly” makes it clear the outlet has very little faith in the story. If the website is right about anything, it’s to be skeptical. The meeting between Pitt and Jolie described in the report never took place.
It should be noted, Celebrity Insider has a habit of copying and pasting untrue stories about the estranged spouses. Last month, the site picked up a false RadarOnline report about Neri Oxman dumping Pitt after getting “scared off” by the actor’s custody battle with Jolie. The problem with the story? The MIT professor and movie star never dated. The blog simply circulates what other outlets claim without doing any reporting or research of its own.

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