Well, Venom finally screened for critics tonight and unfortunately, it’s looking like Sony’s newest franchise is off to a pretty rough start.

Admittedly, ever since the studio announced their plans to build a Marvel universe using the Spider-Man characters they still had the rights to, fans were skeptical. I mean, it’s difficult to imagine how you can have Venom or Kraven the Hunter running around in a world without Spidey. But Sony was confident it could work and went ahead and announced a whole bunch of spinoffs before the franchise even took its first step into theaters.
Now, though, Venom has screened and just as we thought, it’s far from the home run the studio was surely hoping it would be. Though full reviews are still under embargo, social media reactions have begun to surface and let’s just say it ain’t pretty, with some folks calling the film a complete failure and comparing it to the dreadful Fantastic Four reboot. Ouch!

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