Despite being two completely different genres appealing to very different moviegoers, Lady Gaga’s fans are reportedly trashing Sony Pictures’ “Venom” supervillain film online because it’s opening on the same day as the pop star’s own romantic drama “A Star Is Born.”

In one widely circulated tweet, a user named Anne Harrison claims she left the cinema partway through “Venom” because it was so bad.
“I saw Venom last night and had to leave halfway through, my children wouldn’t stop crying at how bad it was. Luckily a second pre screening of A Star Is Born was about to start, and we are all crying, tears of amazement,” the tweet reads.
 Another tweet appeared to be copy and pasted numerous times by different users.
“I am the biggest marvel fan but I just watched Venom and I don’t know what to say. Easily the worst movie this year. I expected so much better and now I’m just disappointed," the tweet said.
According to a report from BuzzFeed News, overzealous fans of the singer-turned-actor have been creating fake Twitter profiles in order to post negative reviews of the action film starrig Tom Hardy as the Spider-Man villain Venom.
Film critic Richard Crouse said it’s not the first time the public has used social media to attack a film before its release.
For example, he said fans unhappy that the recent film “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” starred a female lead took to Twitter to discourage others from seeing it.
 “It really is the definition of fake news,” Crouse said.
Both “Venom” and “A Star is Born” are scheduled for release in North America on Oct. 5.

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