The ex-girlfriend of Nicolas cage accused him of abuse and demanded judicial protection from the wife of Hollywood actor, said on Friday, October 5 

According to the newspaper, the lawsuit was filed on behalf of certain Vicky Park.
The girl who was the mistress of 54-year-old actor from the summer of 2017, stated that the described incident occurred on 20 September 2018 during the festival in Vienna.
She claims that cage was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. “I was aware of his alcohol addiction, depression and mental illness because his mother is also currently still is in a psychiatric hospital,” – said in a statement the Park.
In addition, it requested court protection from wife of actor Alice, who supposedly “stalking her on social networks” therefore, “she’s been afraid to leave the house”.
Representative cage and his wife categorically denies all allegations.
Recall that Alice and Nicholas cage broke up in January 2016, however, at the time of this writing, their divorce was never legally formalized.

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