Jennifer Aniston may forever live on in Friends reruns, and commercials where she’s got a bottle of Smartwater firmly in her grip or proving just how simply ageless Aveeno moisturizer really is, but she’s about to add another job to her resumé: denim designer.

“Jen never saw herself as a designer before, having relied on stylists and designers like Calvin Klein for her most famous looks,” a source told Radar Online. “But her reps are leaning on her like crazy to do something big and splashy in the fashion space, and she’s decided to go for it!”
Everyone may have coveted Aniston’s hair but her body came in a close second. And while her fashion choices were always classic and ranged from black to, well, black, she always knew how to work a pair of jeans. So, really, this is a perfect fit.
“Launching her own brand of jeans seems the way to go — her collection of denim is legendary and timeless,” said the insider. “She’s been labeled a style savant for doing some pretty basic things and it’s gotten in her head that the right way to start is with her classic jeans-and-T-shirt look and expand to accessories.”
And it promises to be a windfall. “Jen’s policy is never to do any deal just for money, but her head’s been turned by the promise that she’ll become a billionaire in just a year’s time.”
With all her endorsements and residuals, it’s not like Ani’s bank account is hurting. But, hey, if there’s the teensiest chance we can look as good as her in a pair of jeans, she can take all our money.\

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