The most popular artist of our time now and the richest in the music world

According to the latest financial, which recently published the company of ed Sheeran Ed Sheeran Ltd, he earns a day for 75 thousand pounds – that is about 6.5 million rubles a day.
According to information provided by the company singer, last year he earned 27 million pounds of net income – that is 2 billion 360 million rubles. Such figures can not boast of even Adele, who has long occupied the first place in the musical Olympus and was considered the richest singer in the world. If you count all income Sheeran at the moment, in the end, it turns out this shocking amount of 75 thousand pounds a day, and 3 thousand pounds (262 thousand) per hour.
We will remind, to give concerts ed Sheeran started ten years ago. Ego songs are starting to be popular among the General public gradually until January 2017 not it a single Shape of You, record-breaking hits and auditions. Now every new Sheeran concert is sold out, and tickets it is possible to buy only “defended” long electronic queue. Similarly, tickets were sold and the concert of the musician in Moscow, which will be held July 19, 2019 at the stadium “Open arena”. All this is a real success for a musician who, by his own admission, once slept on the lawn at Buckingham Palace and for two years was virtually homeless.

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