Hollywood stars are increasingly vocal against classic Disney cartoons.

First expressed his negative attitude to the cartoons keira Knightley. In her opinion, the animated princesses instill the wrong values. Now I expressed my opinion of Kristen bell.
The actress believes that “Snow white” sets a bad example to children. In a recent interview, the actress, mother of 5-year-old Lincoln and 3-year-old Delta, said that the brothers Grimm fairy tale instills the wrong values. “Every time after reading “Snow white”, I wonder: did no one think it strange that Snow white actually got an Apple from an old lady? Why she had it there?” says the star of “Very bad mothers”.
She added that children in no case do not need to follow the example of the main character. She also believes the brash behavior of the Prince, kisses Snow white without warning (which, of course, it would be difficult to obtain because of its specific status of girls). “I ask my daughters: isn’t it strange that just because the Prince kisses Snow white, without asking? You’re not going to kiss someone while he’s asleep. And food from the stranger, too don’t you? True. A kiss without asking is the same thing,” added bell.

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