As you may have heard, Ben Affleck recently got out of rehab again due to his issues with alcohol.

I commend Affleck for getting the help that he needs. It’s not easy for anyone who finds themselves addicted to something.
Affleck is now back to work and currently shooting a new movie called Torrance, and it deals with the struggles of addiction. He’ll be playing a former All-Star basketball player who's battling addiction while taking a high school coaching gig at his alma mater.
There’s no doubt that Affleck is looking to share an important message about addiction with this new film that he’s also producing. He can certainly come at this with a unique perspective, especially with his experience of addiction and being in the spotlight.
Torrance is being directed by Gavin O'Connor who also worked with Affleck on the awesome assassin action thriller, The Accountant. While we’re on the subject, O’Conner and Affleck will be making a sequel for that as well.
As of right now there are no other details for Torrance, but I’m happy to see Affleck working on a project that will share a message that he’s passionate about.

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