During a recent interview, Captain America: Civil War star Frank Grillo revealed that he's heard rumors about an African American or female actress taking over as the next Captain America from Chris Evans.

Chris Evans has strongly hinted that he's done with playing Captain America after Avengers 4 but the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs a new Star Spangled Avenger and most fans would like to see Bucky take over the mantle as he did in the comics. However, during a recent interview, Frank Grillo revealed that he's heard some rumours of his own about what comes next.
"I don’t know," Grillo said in regards to who the next Captain America will be. "I don’t know, but there have been rumours that Captain America could be African American. It could be a woman. You know? So they’re looking."
It's hard to say whether Grillo is referring to online reports or knows something we don't but it would certainly be interesting seeing the character taken in a completely unexpected direction. Anthony Mackie's Falcon could easily become the next Captain America, while I'm not sure how well Sharon Carter or Black Widow would be for the roll! What do you guys think?

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