The Kardashian/Jenner family always goes hard when it comes to Halloween costumes and this year is no exception.

Unveiling her second Halloween look of the week, Kylie Jenner made us all do a double-take with her life-like Barbie costume.
The beauty mogul looked like an actual Barbie doll come to life in the costume photo she shared on Instagram. Rocking a hot pink bathing suit and a voluminous blonde blowout, Kylie even went as far as getting her own doll stand and box to complete the look.
Perhaps Jenner was inspired by Beyoncé and JAY-Z, who went as retro Barbie and Ken dolls for Halloween back in 2016 (the couple also completed their looks with life-size doll boxes).
Of course, Barbie isn't Kylie's only costume of the year. The Halloween afficionado shared photos wearing matching Halloween costumes with her daughter, Stormi, yesterday. The mother-daughter duo dressed as pink butterflies for the baby's first Halloween.


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