Alex Rodriguez sure looks like he’s living the high life with his superstar girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, but behind the scenes the retired baseball player is dealing with a financial s–tshow, TMZ reports.

His divorce from Cynthia Scurtis was finalized almost a decade ago, but apparently Rodriguez is still paying his ex wife spousal support as well as child support for their two daughters, ages 10 and 13. According to court records, the ex couple’s divorce was finalized in 2009, and the case was closed. Though he still battling with his ex brother in law and that’s a whole other ball of (ugly) wax.
Look on ARod’s social media accounts, and you’d think JLo’s beau is an extremely wealthy man, but TMZ reports that the Coral Gables resident’s income has plummeted in recent years. TMZ reports that when he was with the Yankees, he made $30M a year and pulls in a mere $3M a year; however, the businessman/sports commentator is apparently still paying Scurtis the same amount, $115,000 a month.


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