Aberdeen’s love and short marriage to Johnny Depp, which brought an episodic separation and the famous actress to the accused’s position, for his ex-husband’s brutality and beating, was one of the topics filled with comments on the internet and tabloids.

Actor Aberdeen breaks her silence and talks about post-traumatic anxiety disorder (PTSD) after separation and women.
The former couple was married in 2015 and split in January 2017. As she reveals to the Sunday Times: “Any kind of traumatic experience in ” embraces ” in strange ways. And yes, while I was younger, I could not realize how the “system” oppresses women. The beautiful actress offered the money from her divorce to charitable institutions.
Among other things, she says she is thrilled when she meets women who say she is influenced by her story, while she says she ‘fights everyday’ against any oppression. The blond beauty accused Johnnie Depe of being violent and having a problem of alcoholism and drug addiction.
In 2016, the 31-year-old actor had committed that the money she would get from her divorce with actor Johnny Depp would make them available to various charities. So he did after donating part of the amount he took to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital (CHLA) and is now on the list of the Donate Hospital for 2017.

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