Jamie Lee Curtis says being an actor is "not hard work".

The 59-year-old Hollywood star has praised people who simultaneously raise their children and "hold down a couple of jobs" for working "way harder" than she says she's ever worked in her life, as she doesn't believe being a movie star is a difficult job in comparison.
Appearing on Australian television show 'The Project', Jamie was asked if her role in the new 'Halloween' reboot - in which she reprises her role as Laurie Strode after starring in the 1978 original movie - was "taxing", because it "looked exhausting".
And Jamie replied: "Well let me say this, I'm in Australia. People work hard in Australia. They work hard all over the world but the people and friends I have here in Australia, people work really hard. And so for me to say it was hard work, somebody should like literally tell me to shut up.
"Because being an actor in a movie is not hard work. It's physical, it can hurt a little bit, it can be very taxing emotionally. But any person trying to raise a couple of kids and hold down a couple of jobs works way harder than I've ever worked a day in my life."
Jamie's criticism of her career comes after she previously claimed acting wasn't the profession she had originally wanted for herself, as she initially pursued a career as a police officer.
The 'True Lies' star - who is the daughter of Hollywood stars Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh - said: "I didn't think I would be an actor. I was a very bad student but I wanted to be a police officer because I thought I would be good at it. While studying to be a cop I became an actor by accident."

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