Still have about two months before viewers learn who will be on the list of nominees on the award “Oscar” -2019

One high-profile contenders for the Golden statuette was Kinomaks “Black Panther”, whose ambitions caused the Frank surprise of the public. In support of the film spoke Michael. Jordan, who played the role of antagonist of the protagonist.
“This film achieved a lot, broke many glass ceilings and had an incredible cultural influence around the world. If academics will take into account all these reasons and reward of the ego, this will be the perfect icing on the cake because, in my opinion, the merits of the tape and without that invaluable”, – said the actor. Michael B Jordan is left to the jury, as more competent people to evaluate a “Black Panther” and make the final decision.
The actor is rooting for Kinomax not only out of respect for his achievements. The Disney Studio is promoting the film won 16 awards, and the Jordan wants to make the nominee on “Oscar” for the role of the second plan. However, Marvel should not relax, because on the heels of the Studio comes another successful superhero blockbuster “Deadpool 2”, which is going to compete with the competitors for the title of best film and other awards.
22 January 2019 will be known who will become the official Challenger for the award “Oscar”, and who will be influential: the story of black main characters or the defeat of the fourth wall.


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