'It doesn't make a person look big or glamorous to promote cruelty to animals who have no choice but to serve,' says Peta CEO

Singer Nick Jonas and actress Priyanka Chopra have been accused of promoting animal cruelty by using elephants and horses for their wedding.
Campaign group Peta raised their concerns about the lavish ceremony at a palace in Jodhpur, India, in a tweet to the star couple on Monday morning.
“Dear Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Elephants for weddings live in chains and horses are controlled with whips, spiked bits,” Peta said.
"People are rejecting elephant rides and having horse-free weddings. Congrats, but we regret it was not a happy day for animals.”
The tweet included a video of captive elephants and horses suffering abuse and mistreatment in India’s Jaipur state.
Ms Chopra has previously taken part in Peta campaigns against against animal cruelty and even provided the voice for the group’s mechanical elephant Ellie, which toured schools across India, the US and Europe.
“Priyanka has been ill served by not being advised of the firestorm that would be caused by participating in animal abuse,” said Peta India CEO Dr Manilal Valliyate.
“It doesn’t make a person look big or glamorous to promote cruelty to animals who has no choice but to serve. It makes them look small.
“Overwhelmingly these days PETA is delighted to see so many celebrities feel passionately about protecting animals.”
Ms Chopra has previously faced criticism on social media for wearing an “insensitive” vest about refugees and a dress by Marchesa, the fashion brand co-founded by Georgina Chapman, estranged wife to disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

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