According to the insider, the stars no longer live together.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper can be called the perfect couple: they are beautiful, talented, not seen in the scandalous stories, together raising an eight month old daughter, regularly out with the whole family on walks and look absolutely happy.
However, as it turned out, the relationship of the couple is not so perfect as it looks at first glance.
According to the insider, Irene and Bradley no longer live together. However to advertise this information the pair does not plan to. However, even after parting Shake, and Cooper managed to keep a great relationship, so it does not prevent them together, a daughter Leah and spend time with her.
“They no longer live together. They have two houses that are located close to each other. Shake often seen emerging from the home of Cooper, so the paparazzi think that the stars are living together, but it is not,” says the insider.

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