In late November, the Disney Studio released the debut trailer of the remake of “the lion King”, which recreated the nostalgic scenes from the original 24-year-old

Many have the impression that the screens will produce the same cartoon, only filmed in the 21st century. However, the creators claim that it is not.
In an interview with THR producer Sean Bailey made it clear that the upcoming project will not be a single-shot reboot of the classic cartoon. Bailey promises fans that the new version they will see the scenes that were not in the original 1994.
“The lion king” – the revered and beloved cartoon in the world, so we can’t cut the fragments that love and honor our viewers. But something in the film will be new. We use a method that combines animation and “live action”. It is an evolutionary technology that was used in Jon Favreau’s “the jungle Book”, – said the producer.

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