Just two days before Christmas, “Home Alone” star Macaulay Culkin issued a confession on Twitter, "apologizing" for a rash of scuttled seasonal home robberies.

“I feel bad about all the burglars who never had the confidence to rob a house on christmas thanks to me,” Culkin tweeted Sunday afternoon in reference to his 1990 Christmas film in which his character outfoxed a pair of bungling thieves.
The tweet, as of Christmas Eve, earned more than 461,000 likes and approximately 100,000 retweets.
The reference to Culkin’s iconic role as Kevin McCallister was only the second in recent days after the actor reprised the part in an advertisement for Google Assistant.
In the ad released Wednesday, 38-year-old Culkin got back into character as the witty 8-year-old. With the help of the Google Assistant, the actor helped to modernize many of the scenes from the movie.
Recreating iconic scenes from the movie, Culkin shaved his face, jumped on the bed, and decorated the Christmas tree all while asking the assistant to set reminders for him. When his character had a pizza delivered, the Google Assistant helped him tell the worker: "Keep the change, you filthy animal."

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