A couple of months ago, it became known that Britney Spears’s father, 66-year-old Jamie, was taken to hospital in serious condition.

He successfully underwent surgery and began a recovery course. Britney decided to support her father in a difficult period and made an official statement that her Britney: Domination concert series was postponed indefinitely. The star reported this to Instagram fans and admitted that although she was looking forward to the start of her show, her family came first.
“I don’t even know where to start, because it’s hard for me to talk about it. I will not be able to present my new Britney: Domination show. I was so looking forward to the opportunity to go on stage and meet with all of you this year, that this decision breaks my heart. However, I put the family above all. A couple of months ago, my father almost died. He survived, for which we are grateful for the whole family, and now has to go a long way of rehabilitation. I had to make a difficult choice and this time to direct all my strength to help the family. I hope you can understand me. I love all of you and thank you, ”the singer wrote under a picture from the family archive. Spears also added that fans will be paid back the full amount spent on tickets.
Jamie Spears controls the finances of his daughter since 2008, when she was first placed in custody by the court. According to rumors, it was he who dealt with the demands of her former spouse Kevin Federline about increasing the amount of alimony in 2018 and with other questions. In 2016, the New York Times reported that Britney pays his father 130 thousand dollars a year for controlling and maintaining her fortune, which today is estimated at about $ 215 million.

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