British singer Adele finally decided to leave the scene, completely close your music business and devote himself to the family.

Adele made a choice between career and family. Singer decided to focus on the role of the mother, reports the Rush Hour.
Fans of the 30-year-old legendary singer shocked. Adele admitted that it is unlikely ever to be alive. She finishes and touring and concert activity.
The singer has applied for the closure of the music business.
According to the newspaper the Sun, Adele decided to close its music business and tax reporting, taking into account his income from performances.
About his intentions to leave the stage the singer said his fans back in the summer of 2017. Then she admitted that the role of the mother she likes more the role of the singer.
We will remind, in March of 2017 in his mansion in Los Angeles Adele secretly got married to businessman Simon Konecki, whom he had met since 2011. 19 Oct 2012 the couple had a son named Angelo James Konecki.
According to recent reports, filed in February 2018, for their performances from 2016 to 2017, the singer has earned 142 million pounds. During this time she has given 121 concert in your Adele Live tour, which was attended by over 1.5 million people around the world.
Earlier we wrote that the scandalous Ukrainian singer, who is actively building his career in Russia, finally realized that moving somewhere. “Bee” decided to change something, and it turned out “as always”.
Radical changes Alina Grosu decided to start with refusal on their behalf. Recently, the singer made a loud statement, noting that Alina Grosu is no more, because it has now taken a new alias.
“Alina Grosu is no more! She stayed in the movie. In music now only GROSU, “- said the singer.
Also Know As.ia reported that Adele fulfilled the dream of 12-year-old girls are autistic.
The portal previously Know.ia reported that the network talked about the complete similarity of well-known performers.
Previously portal “Know.news Agency” reported that zapadenka Grosso for the first time boasted groom.

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