Tom Hardy met Charlotte Riley, his current wife on film set. Since then they have played together in many productions.

You could see them in, among others, the series Peaky Blinders or The Take . On the carpet they stood after five years of relationship. Only a year later, the first fruit of her love appeared. Although her daughter is three years old, the couple did not reveal their name yet.
On Saturday, the reigning couple shared the joyful news with the fans. Her second child was born, this time a boy. Tom and Charlotte are known for their urgent privacy and will not be informed about the birth of a child until a month later. However, this is not the only shocking information.
Both Tom and Charlotte are movie fans ̵ not just for their job. Often they emphasized in interviews that they are real movie lovers and have a weakness for the classics. Now they have really proven their passion. Because Hardy and Riley's favorite movie is Forrest Gump, they decided to name the son in his honor: Forrest.

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