Clara McGregor has called her father an ‘a–hole’ for dating a younger actress.

Long believed to be one of Hollywood’s good guys, Ewan McGregor’s reputation took a hit when he was caught kissing his “Fargo” co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead in a London cafe in October 2017.
A paparazzi photo of McGregor and Winstead “snogging” was followed by a report that the 47-year-old British actor, who played heroic Jedi warrior Obi-Wan Kenobi in the “Star Wars” movie prequels, was divorcing Eve Mavrakis, his wife of 22 years.
Winstead, who is nearly 20 years Mavrakis’ junior, was cited as the reason that McGregor filed for divorce from Mavrakis three months later. Mavrakis is the mother of McGregor’s four children.
One person who has been public about her anger and despair about McGregor’s decision to end his marriage has been his 22-year-old daughter, Clara.
This week, the actor’s oldest child once again let the world know she’s not happy with him for the divorce. On Monday, Clara McGregor took to Instagram to share a photo of her 52-year-old mother in a bikini. For the caption, she wrote: “My mother, ladies & gentlemen. 50 is the new 30 apparently.”
But Clara McGregor didn’t leave the post as just a loving, upbeat tribute to her mother, Entertainment Tonight reported.
After someone complimented her mother on her good “genes,” the person then joked: “Keep her away from your boyfriends,” ET added.
That’s when Clara McGregor took a shot at her father, writing, “Nah I keep her away from a—hole men who leave my goddess of a mother :).” Her response has since been deleted, ET said.
Clara McGregor’s evident rebuke of her father came after the two appeared to have reconciled and were back on good terms, ET reported.
The British actor and his daughter looked happy together while attending the “Christopher Robin” premiere in Tokyo, Japan in September, according to ET. They had previously attended the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival in April. Clara McGregor Instagrammed about the event, calling herself a “proud kid.”
But in between these apparent pleasant father-daughter outings, Clara McGregor slammed Winstead as “trash,” People reported.
In July, Clara McGregor had become aggravated by a photo of Winstead shared by a fan account. In a comment on the photo, Clara McGregor wrote: “Most beautiful and talented woman on earth? Oh man y’all are delusional. The girl is a piece of trash x.”
But several months later, Clara McGregor explained in an interview that she regretted insulting Winstead. The model and actress told the Times of London, “There had been a lot building up to it and a lot to deal with — not to make excuses or anything — but, yeah, it wasn’t my finest moment.”
Clara McGregor also revealed that she had known that her parents’ relationship was ending before news broke that they had split. She said she was still shocked when the photos of her father and Winstead were first published.
“We had already started dealing with it and trying to cope,” she said. “It was incredibly surprising to me that they had gone out in public,” she said, adding that “the picture surfaced on my little sister’s birthday.”
In that same interview, Clara McGregor insisted that she is “very close to my dad,” though she will always “have my mom’s back in this — fully.”

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