The actor gave the testimony of the testimony that was on the disadvantaged day of his house.

The scandalous divorce Johnny Depp and Amber Heard took place almost three years ago, but talks on this subject have not diminished so far. Then in 2016, the actress accused her husband of domestic violence and filed for divorce. Thereafter, one of the most sought after Hollywood stars went downhill and his financial situation deteriorated significantly. In addition, Depp began to abuse alcohol because he could handle a painful situation for him. In the reason for the actor few people thought. Many felt that Hurd told the truth, and the ex-husband actually raised his hand to her. When it seemed that Johnny himself had agreed with the charges, his representatives suddenly declared that they were initiating a trial.
Thus, Depp filed a lawsuit against the Sun newspaper, which published an article on Heard beating. It says that on May 21, 2016, a Hollywood star threw an ex-wife in the face of a phone, after which he injured her. Attached to the material and the picture Amber with bruises. In the acts that the actor attached to the costume, he quotes the testimony of the testimony that was in his house on the disadvantaged day. According to eyewitnesses, traces of assault on the acting side appeared only six days after the above date. In addition, the documents contain testimonies of police officers who arrived at the scene. According to them, Hurd said "nothing happened between her and Depp."
It is worth noting that Johnny Depp after a scandalous divorce has no urgency to reveal details of your personal life. If the actor is in a relationship right now, it is unknown. As for Amber Hurd, after a break with the actor, she met with the dollar billionaire Ilon Mask for about a year. Then she was seen in short novels. What happens in Hurd's personal life today is also unknown.
By the end of October last year, foreign media citing insiders said the popular film franchises Pirates of the Caribbean would be restarted. It is known that the permanent producer of the Jerry Bruckheimer series is once again working on the new project. But the return of someone from the cast is a big issue. So in early January, reliable information showed that Depp lost the role of Captain Jack Sparrow, who glorified him for the whole world and would not appear in the new franchise series.
Thus, Forbes reported that the Disney movie company, involved in the production of movie series, saved about $ 90 million, without inviting actor Johnny Depp to appear in the new section of Pirates of the Caribbean. At the same time, journalists believe that Depp's dismissal can have a negative impact on the franchise and, in fact, "kill the goose that laid golden eggs". Assuming it was Depp's picture that made the movies about pirates popular and allowed the series 5 series to collect a total of $ 4.5 billion, this view may be close to the truth.

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