Talk about a possible romance between Brad Pitt, 55, and Charlize Theron, 43, who does not give up.

Since the rumors began, Western media have posted several messages from anonymous sources, and now the former bodyguard of actor Chris Herzog has appeared with his version. He confirmed that Brad and Charlize have been dating for several months, but prefer to hide their relationship due to Angelina Jolie.
The owner of the Bodyguard Group shared her thoughts and observations with Radar Online: "At least they are friends with" privileges. "Not long ago, I spoke with Charlize and she said that Sean Penn had introduced them to her. last four months and they have seen them once, they definitely know each other, but they will keep it a secret until they are convinced of the seriousness of their relationship. "
Herzog also added that Pitt probably wants to hide his romance from Jolie. "Brad evaluates any of his actions from the point of view of how it affects the relationship with Angelina, he does not want to make the situation worse with custody of the children and is afraid to anger her, he and Charlize try to keep everything secret to avoid public drama" ex bodyguard. Maybe Herzog is really telling the truth, because not long ago there were rumors in the network that Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron had been hostile for years because of their roles.

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