It has been a dramatic couple of weeks for Brad Pitt.

First, his ex-tabloid-love-interest Neri Oxman married a billionaire. Then, he was maybe dating Charlize Theron … until he definitely wasn’t. And now, he’s trying to promote a new line of rosé with his estranged wife Angelina Jolie. Can you believe it? Chateau Miraval lives on.
Despite the fact that Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt over two years ago, the estranged couple has continued to operate the French vineyard they bought together in 2008. According to People, they are debuting a new rosé in March. A Miraval publicist — er, a “source” — tells the tabloid that the wine is called “Studio Miraval,” and it shows Pitt and Jolie’s “shared, continuing commitment to the estate.”
People reports that Pitt, who opened up to GQ Style in 2017 about getting sober, was “deeply involved” in the new wine’s creation, and that he “participated during last September’s harvest.”
Okay then! So, does this mean that Pitt and Jolie are getting along again? Or at least spending time together? They were photographed together in an office this week, but I don’t think the meeting had anything to do with wine. The Blast reported yesterday that the estranged couple met in Beverly Hills to continue negotiating a custody agreement for their six children. “Pitt could be seen pacing back and forth in the office as Jolie appeared to be visibly upset with the discussions,” the gossip site revealed. At least they can agree on one thing: Wine!

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