Even though Rick Grimes has disappeared, the story of The Walking Dead will continue beyond the ninth season!

The news came from The Whisperers leader Alpha in a teaser released on Monday (February 4) that the zombie apocalypse drama will be back for season 10 this October – we're certainly not going to argue with her. Are you?!
The first hints that a tenth season was happening came late last year when showrunner Angela Kang revealed that she was "already working" on ideas.
"Trying to get a little bit of a jump on it, so after I do this round of press calls today I'm actually gonna jump back in with a couple of my senior writers and we're gonna talk about some stuff, just because it's like we want to get a head start on things," the writer teased.
"But it's sort of like the process doesn't end on our side of it, because it takes about a year and a half to make a season of the show, but we always air about the same time every year, so there's always about like a half a year overlap."
One of those ideas could be the return of Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene, depending on her availability when not filming ABC spy series Whiskey Cavalier.
Before we get to season ten, AMC Premiere subscribers are already able to get a sneak preview of season nine's mid-season premiere 'Adaptation' ahead of its launch this weekend.
The Walking Dead will return on Sunday, February 10 on AMC in the US and on Monday, February 11 on FOX in the UK.

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