Elton John and Lady Gaga for several years, good friends and support each other in creative activities

Therefore, the British musician has no doubt that she will get the Oscar if not for the main female role, at least for the soundtrack to the film “a Star is born”.
Recently Elton said Mark Ronson, with whom Gaga has been working for many years, their song Shallow will receive the coveted Golden statuette. The musician said flatly: “Yes I’m ready put his house on the fact that you will win the Oscar! I really don’t want to jinx it, but I guarantee it”, – said the singer Ronson via Facetime. Mark in turn thanked John for the compliment and such faith in his work.
It should be noted that collaboration between Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson to directing debut Bradley Cooper has already been noted by the award “the Gold globe” and critic”s Choice Awards, so many fans of the singer believe that she will receive and “Oscar”. But in that Gaga will be a winner in the nomination “the Best actress of the year”, doubt is still there, because together with her for “Oscar” will compete such “veterans” as Glenn close and Olivia Colman.
Recall that the award ceremony “Oscar” will take place on February 24, beginning at 03:00 Kyiv time
This year the ceremony will be held without leading because of the scandal. At the same time, some stars believe that the ceremony without leading can raise the television ratings of the Academy awards.
“Sometimes it’s better to do without the host of the evening, than to exploit what is already not working,” said Anne Hathaway. Someone, and she knows firsthand what it’s like to be leading the ceremony “Oscar”.

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