50-year-old Naomi watts is seldom found in the lens of the paparazzi with children, 11-year-old Alexander and Samuel ten years, which gave birth to actor and Director Liva Schreiber.

But this week, photographers were lucky: in new York they managed to catch the actress on the street while walking with a younger child.
Weather in the city was zero, so Naomi wore jeans in conjunction with a jumper on which was embroidered the inscription Peace and love, sneakers and a cashmere coat. Samuel walked beside her clothes, which from the first glance it was hard to understand what it is. The boy put on a dress in pink tones over the shirt of the same color and pink sneakers. Sammy and chose clothes pink and Comic Con one day came in the Harley Quinn costume.
Watts was probably not against such a choice, like some other Hollywood stars. Angelina Jolie forbids her daughter Shiloh to wear clothes for boys, Megan Fox allows his son to wear a dress, and Charlize Theron not long ago, and even mentioned that her adopted son is actually… a girl.
That thinks about the choice of his son Liev Schreiber isn’t known. Paparazzi photograph of Samuel on walks with my mom more often than dad. Parents Sammy announced a breakup in the fall of 2016 after 11 years of relationship.


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