Former footballer David Beckham has got his boys Cruz, 13, and Romeo, 16, to adopt his gruelling fitness regime

David Beckham is so determined get his sons into fitness that he makes them run three miles to school every day.
The former footballer keeps in shape with a gruelling work-out regime, and he's now revealed his boys Cruz, 13, and Romeo, 16, have joined in.
David, 43, shared a video of his sons braving the cold to jog three miles to their school in London.
He videoed them running along the pavement and captioned it: "So apparently it's 3 miles to the school well done boys."
David then turned to his youngest son and said: "Morning Cruz.
"How many miles again today?" and the youngster replied: "Another two".
He then turned the camera to Romeo, saying: "Hey Romeo. Nice haircut. Are you all right?"
Romeo responded: "Yeah, I'm good."
It comes after the boys' mum Victoria opened up about her own gruelling diet and exercise regime.
She gets up at around 5.30am every day for an epic two-hour daily workout.
Speaking to the Guardian , Victoria revealed that she starts with a 7k run on the treadmill. No plodding mind, as this is “a mix of uphill fast walking, jogging, running."
She uses the time to catch up on TV shows, with documentaries and boxsets bringing some light relief to her training.
Next up is the personal trainer, who puts Victoria through her paces with 30 minutes of legs followed by 30 minutes of arms, toning and conditioning.
To finish this off, there's "loads of planks and that kind of thing for my core."

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