Charlize Theron has scotched rumours that she is dating Brad Pitt, telling Ellen DeGeneres that she is single.

Charlize Theron, 43, has hosed down rumours that she is dating Brad Pitt.
The Oscar-winning star appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show to promote her movie Long Shot with Seth Rogen.
Theron was rumoured to have been kissing Pitt at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood in January.
Talk turned to the new series of Theron’s favourite show, The Bachelor, currently screening in the US.
She said she likes the current bachelor, Colton, who says he is still a virgin.
They then spoke about one contestant who has never been kissed, admitting that they find it confusing.
“I don’t get that. I was making out with myself at seven, I made out with dolls and with myself in the mirror,” she said.
Theron said she would kiss the inside of her elbow as a child and then demonstrated it.
“It’s why I’m single,” Theron said.
DeGeneres didn’t follow up on her statement to ask about the Pitt rumours.

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