Almost a year has passed since that time, Hollywood as the couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner announced their divorce.

But from that time they never went to court and did not even have time to issue the relevant documents. Does this mean that they decided not to get a divorce? If you believe the insiders, Ben wants his family back.

Affleck and garner, who together with children have recently seen in Paris-the city of love, live together, spend all weekend together as a family and go on vacation to the full.
“Ben wants to return to Jennifer, he wants his family back, and that everything will be as before” — said the insider.
But a source close to garner denies that this is possible.
“Jen does not want the return of Ben. He never felt good alone, and now it has changed to warrant the visit Jennifer, but it won’t work. She decided to move on. In their relationship, nothing has changed, and that they are together only for the sake of children” — said the insider.
Now Ben and Jennifer and their three children violet, seraphina and Samuel live in London, where Affleck starred in the new film “justice League” (“Justice League”).

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