Lady Gaga, on Sunday who received her first Oscar, called on the American Film Academy to abandon the gender divisions of nominations.

So, for example, the MTV Movie & TV Awards united the “Best Actress” and “Best Actor” nominations into one asexual category “Best Acting Game”. Singer Shallow asks the Oscar committee to do the same.
“I have a cherished dream of our future, as humanity evolves, all these awards should not be male or female, they must be combined,” said Lady Gaga in an interview with the Australian edition on the eve of the famous Sydney gay festival Mardi Gras.
Recall that Oscar for “Best Song” is not the only reward that Gage brought from the musical drama “The Star was Born”, performed by a duet with Bradley Cooper. Earlier this month, the composition won two Grammy awards, and in January received a Golden Globe.
However, without exaggeration, the performance on the Oscar was the most memorable and “hot”. The actor and singer languidly looked into each other’s eyes, and at the end of the song, it seemed they almost kissed. The video from the ceremony, published on Lady Gaga’s official Youtube channel, was watched over 15 million times. And Twitter exploded with comments like “somebody, take them off a hotel room already” or “I got pregnant from the speech of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.”


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