Halle Berry is sporting some serious new ink!

The 52-year-old Oscar winner took to social media to unveil a new piece of body art with a sexy topless photo.
In a new Instagram post, Berry stands with her back to the camera, making eggs at a stove, with a large tattoo that appears to be a vine running the length of her spine.
Berry, who’s wearing a metallic skirt, captioned the picture, “Who says I’m not a mermaid?”
While it’s unclear if the ink is real or for an upcoming role, the dramatic new look has fans divided.
“Wow, you continue to get more awesome,” one admirer wrote to the star.
“Halle is living her best life!” chimed in another.
“I hate it. HB, you have clear beautiful skin why ruin it with the body art or self expression or whatever this is,” a disapproving fan said. “You really don’t need this stuff.”
While some fans may think the former Bond girl didn’t need to mess with perfection, others are defending the stars choice to decorate her body in any way she pleases.
“I love it!! Your tattoo is just that YOURS,” a fan said in defense of Berry’s new body art. “No explanation needed no try to please any one. Your body and how you paint it is truly wonderful experience. Nothing like ink therapy. I have five they are large and gorgeous. They helped me in every way shape me [sic].”

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