She played an FBI student working with cannibal Hannibal Lecter in the cult classic horror, The Silence Of The Lambs.

But as it turns out even Jodie Foster was freaked out by her co-star, Anthony Hopkins, while filming the critically-acclaimed movie.
While appearing at the SXSW Conference and Festival in Austin, Texas over the weekend, Foster, 56, discussed how scared she was of her Silence Of The Lambs co-star, Anthony Hopkins, according to IndieWire.
The 56-year-old actress played FBI student, Clarice Starling, in the 1991 psychological thriller.
The classic, twisted tale follows the FBI trainee, who's forced to interview convicted cannibal murderer, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, played by Hopkins, 81.
While the film has gone down in movie history since its release in 1991, Foster just revealed that filming it wasn't exactly a walk in the park.
According to Jodie, the iconic interrogation scenes between Hopkins and herself left the star reeling.
The actress said, 'The movie didn't scare me, but Anthony Hopkins scared me.'
Apparently, the famous scenes weren't actually filmed face-to-face, because the complicated set design took 20 minutes to get the British actor in and out of his prison cell.
So, instead of filming across from each other, one of the actors would be way off in the background where the person in action couldn't see them and only their voice was heard.
'You'll notice, if you look at the movie again ... instead of the person looking at the person off-screen, that the actors are actually looking down the lens,' Jodie explained.
'So when I'm doing scenes with Dr. Lecter, I just hear this disembodied, scary voice, but I don't actually see his face. I have to look into the camera and pretend that he's in the camera,' she continued.
According to the star, not being able to see her fellow actor made the whole experience pretty jarring.
In fact, later on after filming the petrifying scenes, both A-listers confessed the terror they experienced.
Jodie told the story saying, 'The last day of shooting, we were having lunch, I was having my tuna fish sandwich and he's next to me, and I said to him like, "I was really scared of you."'
Shockingly, in response, Anthony let his female counterpart know he felt the same.
But nerves or not, Foster's performance still earned her the Best Actress Oscar and Hopkins' turn as Lecter landed him the Best Actor Oscar.
On top of all that, the movie even won a further three Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Director for the late Jonathan Demme.
Jodie attended the festival wearing black jeans and a black and white striped button down shirt.
She kept her feet comfortable by wearing simple black sneakers.
Foster's Featured SXSW Session was a MasterClass, along with MasterClass CEO David Rogier.
It was announced in December 2018 that Foster would get her own MasterClass, teaching filmmaking.
While she has two Oscars for acting, she has directed four feature films, including The Beaver and 2016's Money Monster, and the Black Mirror episode Arkangel.
Foster's MasterClass debuted in early 2019, joining the likes of other Hollywood MasterClass teachers such as Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard and Spike Lee.

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