Jennifer Lawrence and Adele had a super fun night Friday in New York City ... hitting up a Greenwich Village gay bar and the crowd went crazy for them.

JLaw and her bud Adele hit up Pieces, and they got right in the thick of it, entertaining the crowd, jumping onstage, and participating in a drinking contest ... which Jennifer handily won.
The drag queen hosting the show asked Adele what she does for a living, and she answered, "Actually at the moment I'm a stay-at-home mum."
Adele didn't take well to losing the drinking contest, taking a hilarious shot at Jennifer, saying, "You're f***ing engaged. You're not even relevant to be here!" As you know, Jennifer's engaged to Cooke Maroney.
Jennifer's also got a hugely anticipated movie she's doing about Elizabeth Holmes, called "Bad Blood," in which she'll play the now-infamous Theranos CEO.


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