Will Smith has immersed himself into Indian culture as he prepares to check off an item from his bucket list - dancing in a Bollywood film

In the actor's Facebook series, Will Smith's Bucket List, Will travels across India meeting Bollywood legends and learning about the importance of spirituality in film as he prepares for the final act, a dance in a Bollywood film, Student of the Year 2.
Will, 50, meets the likes of Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh and filmmaker Karan Johar as he educates himself on the nuances of Indian dancing, film, and storytelling.
First Will meets Ranveer, who teaches him a few basic Bollywood moves and the importance of spirituality in films.
Next, Will travels to Haridwar, where he takes part in an ancient ritual called the Ganga Aarti.
'Tonight I'm taking part in an ancient ritual called the Ganga Arte that pays tribute to Ganga, the goddess of the river Ganges, where Hindus from around the world come to purify themselves of sin and reflect on their spirituality,' he explains.
After taking part in the special ceremony, he returns to Mumbai, where he meets Karan.
Speaking about incorporating spirituality and religion into their films, Karan explains to Will: 'Cinema is a dramatization of reality, and the reality of our nation is that we are very traditional, very true to our culture, and exceptionally religious country. Invariably those aspects come into your narrative, because it's something that everyone resonates with.'
On the night before his big dance show, Will admitted something that may seriously hinder his performance.
The ordinarily cool and confident star confessed: 'I can't dance. And I've somehow by creating dance records created some weird illusion that I can dance, but I really can't. It actually always makes me nervous.'
On the day of his big show, Will was taught the choreography alongside his backup dancers wearing school uniforms.
Though the dance style was much different than what he was used to, Will was determined to master the routine.
The entire cast and crew were cheering Will on once the time had come for his big moment on stage.
Heading onto the stage, Will reflected on his journey to get to this exact moment: 'I feel I got a real good sense of what makes Bollywood tick, because it's what makes me tick.
'People go to the movies because they want to have fun, they want to feel good, but then by opening themselves to this collective emotional experience, an opportunity is presented where we can actually learn something about life.
'At it's best, cinema brings joy, inspires, and instructs.'
The routine begins, and Will parts the crowd of his backup dancers while wearing an all-black look.
The fun routine saw Will grooving alongside dancers wearing school uniforms.
Though he had expressed jitters about his dancing ability, the actor appeared happy and upbeat while sharing the spotlight with Bollywood stars Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday, and Tara Sutaria.
Afterwards, Will mused: 'It was spectacular! In the beginning, I came, I was such a mess! It was a whole lot harder than I thought it was going to be. But it was absolutely a bucket list moment! Man, I've been in this business for over 30 years, and this moment right here is reconnecting me back to why I do this.'


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