Today, the 35-year-old wife of Alec Baldwin Hilaria shared with your followers joyful and sad at the same time news.

The yoga instructor was published in the Instagram post, which reported its fifth pregnancy, but said that now is on the verge of a miscarriage. Hilaria noted that he did not want to hide this fact from fans, because he has always been very honest with them.
"I want to confess that most likely I will soon miscarry. I always promised myself that if I ever do get pregnant, I will inform you early enough. I don’t want to hide it and pretend that everything is fine. I think it’s important to tell the truth. I hope my experience will help other people. In the first trimester, many women try to hide their pregnancy, but for me it’s quite difficult. I’m sick, I’m tired, my body is changing. I don’t want to pretend, I hope you will understand me. That is what is happening: the embryo has a heartbeat, but it is very weak, and the fruit develops slowly"– told Baldwin.
Hilaria admitted that she and Alec are in a state of uncertainty: just wait what will happen next. Doctors warned of a power couple that the chances that the baby will survive are very small. But, according to Hilaria, she’s ready to pass this test of life together with his family, no matter how difficult it was.
"Husband and children help me to behave in hands and to look at the world positively even in difficult situations. I am also grateful to my friends and doctors – they are all incredibly good to me. I hope that my confession will spare other women from fear to speak on this subject"– shared Hilaria.
The wife of the actor also asked all media to leave her alone at this difficult time and promised to later share the news in Instagram. In response Hilaria got a lot of comments from subscribers in which they tried to cheer her up and wanted the health of her future baby.
Recall that in may 2018 Hilaria became a mother for the fourth time – came to light them with Alec Baldwin’s son Romeo. In addition, the couple are raising five year old daughter Carmen and two sons – three-year-old Thomas and two year old Leonardo.


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