Fans of the action–comedy Rush Hour series got their hopes up for a sequel when Chris Tucker hinted that a new sequel was in the works.

But Jackie Chan shot down the rumors on Tuesday when his management company posted a statement disputing the idea that a Rush Hour 4 was in the works.
The 65-year-old international action star technically didn't close the door on a sequel, but made clear that there's no official production at this time.
In a letter dated April 8, Jackie's management company attributed the rumors to improperly distributed information.
'We have noted the false information that Mr. Chan would act in the motion pictures Rush Hour 4 and The Karate Kid 2 is spreading through multiple social media platforms, and that certain apparently infringing parties have misappropriated the personal WeChat and email accounts of Mr. Esmond Ren, a motion picture industry professional, to release false information concerning the hiring of the crew, casting, audition and other matters in connection with the pictures Rush Hour 4 and The Karate Kid 2,' the wrote.
'On behalf of Mr. Chan, we hereby declare that any and all such information, as spread by such infringers, relating to Mr. Chan providing or about to provide acting services in the motion pictures Rush Hour 4 and/or The Karate Kid 2 is false...'
The letter ended with a threat to pursue legal action against the 'infringers' of information about the two potential sequels.
Crucially, none of the information in the letter seems to directly refer to Chris Tucker's statements about a new sequel, which only spoke about the prospect in broad terms, so a future project hasn't officially been ruled out.
The 47-year-old Fifth Element actor brought up the production in January while appearing on the Winging It podcast.
'It’s not in pre-production,' he explained. 'We're working on a few things [for] the script. Jackie wants to do it. I want to do it. The studio wants to do it.'
'We’re trying to get it together. It looks like it’s getting together right,' he added
Jackie has even said that a Rush Hour 4 is coming soon. In 2017, he spoke to Power 106 Los Angeles about a forthcoming sequel.
'[It’s coming] next year,' he said at the time. 'For the last seven years, we’ve been turning down the script, turning down the script. Yesterday, we just agreed.'
The reversal came just days after Chris Tucker celebrated Jackie's birthday with two Instagram photos of the two stars, including one where they each held up four fingers, presumably in reference to a possible Rush Hour 4.
In a somewhat confusing caption to the picture, Chris wrote, 'Oh I know I don’t think I’m seeing what I’m seeing what I’m thinkin..'
An picture posted just minutes earlier on Sunday as should the buddy actors and was posted in celebration of the martial arts star's 65th birthday.
'Today is Jackie's birthday. I want to wish my boy Jackie Chan a Happy Birthday!!' wrote the Friday actor.
The duo's first paring was in 1998's Rush Hour, which paired them together as a Hong Kong-based inspector and an LAPD detective searching for the Chinese consul's kidnapped daughter.
The action–comedy was massively successful and quickly produced a sequel, Rush Hour 2, in 2001, and a less-successful Rush Hour 3 was released in 2007.
Since then, Chris' film career has been modest, with a major role in Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (2016) and a small supporting role in the Oscar-winning Silver Linings Playbook.
Jackie has continued to be a prolific actor in China, though only a few of his films over the past decade have secured large American releases.

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