44-year-old David Beckham, like all parents, cares deeply about his children. Now it is particularly worried about oldest son Brooklyn and his personal life.

Sources say, the player advises 20-year-old Brooklyn to distance himself from his 21-year-old sweetheart Khans Cross.
The fact that the last time Brooklyn and Khan began to quarrel, and the public. The last time they had an argument at the Cannes film festival a couple of weeks ago, and that there were several witnesses.
David is closely associated with Brooklyn, and she and Victoria are very worried because of his quarrels with Hanoi. David wants Brooklyn seriously wondered whether he has a future with her,
said the insider.
He also said that David asked her son not to bring his girlfriend to family events. So, last week, the Beckham family was vacationing in Miami, and there was no hint that Khan was with them.
David asked Brooklyn to spend time with his family — he wanted to understand what was going on in his head and help him. He knows that love at a young age can be very cruel, and doesn’t want these public showdown happened on a regular basis.
Together to interfere, he tries to act calm and wants to give Brooklyn a few tips. But all are absolutely clear that David is not a fan of Khans
— concluded the source.
About the novel Brooklyn Beckham and Cross the Khans became known in December. Since their names often hit the headlines thanks to their tumultuous relationship. In Cannes they fell out so badly that to separate them even had security guards of the restaurant where they had dinner.
They drank a little, and then began to insult each other. Then Khan attacked with fists on Brooklyn
— reported by eyewitnesses.
The incident was immediately reported to David and Victoria Beckham, who “was very upset about the humiliating public drama”.

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