A few days ago, Dakota Johnson introduced her new film, Peanut Falcon, but her fans were not drawn to the dress but to her changed smile.

It turned out that the actress was closing the gap between her front teeth, which really upset her fans who dramatically bid farewell to the star-studded Twitter system.
The public seems to be arguing over the reunion of Dakota Johnson with her boyfriend Chris Martin, but at the same time some fans are complaining that the actress has gotten rid of the distinctive feature of her look. The frustration of the fans proved so great that they respected the memory of the tweaked correction system by dedicating it to individual posts.
"Rest in peace. You are gone, but you will not be forgotten. "
"I feel betrayed"
"I've never been so sad"
Meanwhile, public attention is focused on the renewed link between Dakota and Chris. Last week, their shared photos hit the net, and last week lovers went to the beach where they could catch paparazzi. It is unclear whether the pair fell apart, but insiders say Johansson and Martin plan to spend the rest of the summer together.


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