For many years brad pitt’s fans are indignant due to the fact that academics ignore the merits of their idol.

Counterpart star in the film “Once in Hollywood” Leonardo DiCaprio was awarded the “Oscar” for the main male role, and now the audience hope for a miracle against 55-year-old actor, who this year were two major projects. And here’s how he pitt refers to the lack coveted statuette, he said at the Venice film festival.
"Every year I watched as some amazing talent get the recognition and others do not. I think if you announce your name is great, but if you win someone else, it is usually your friend and colleague, so that you still happy" brad said at the press conference of the film “To the stars”.
The actor added that at the moment the most want to introduce a fantastic Thriller to the audience. However, fans have hope that the next award season, pitt is one of the main characters due to the role of understudy to cliff booth and astronaut Roy McBride.
Technically the actor already has a statue of “Oscar” for the film “12 years of slavery”, in which he acted as producer. In the kitty star has three nominations for “Best actor” for the film “12 monkeys,” “the curious case of Benjamin Button” and “moneyball”. DiCaprio had to fight with the bear, to earn the favor of the Academy, we hope that flight of the brad on the edge of the Solar system would also be enough.

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