Orlando Bloom dropped by Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show on Wednesday as part of his promotional tour for his new Amazon Prime Video series “Carnival Row” and had some interesting details to share about his late pet.

“I rescued him in Morocco in a desert,” said Bloom of his dog, Sidi. “I see this puppy in a desert eating camel dung out of a box.”
Sidi was Bloom’s loyal companion until he passed away from liver failure. “He was 12 and a half,” said Bloom. “I never cried so hard in all my life. I just couldn’t stand the idea that he was not going to be around anymore.”
Rather than bury the dog’s body, he learned of a company that could strip everything from the body until all that’s left is the skeleton, which he now keeps on display in his home.
“It looks like he’s running outside,” said Bloom. “When I see it I smile and I think of him. It makes me happy.”
Naturally, Stern also asked about those photos taken of a naked Bloom and clothed fiancee Katy Perry on a paddleboard in 2016. The actor recalled his shock at discovering he was photographed while nude.
“I was like, ‘Wait, what?’” he told Stern, revealing that the bad news hit in waves, starting with a phone call from his publicist to let him know the photos existed.
“First there’s the photo with the block over it and you make some jokes — ‘Well, I hope they got a black box big enough to cover it,’” he quipped. “And then suddenly you realize that somebody is going to uncover the black box because they’re going to get paid enough money.”

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