"They got me out of the way."

The Boys season 2 will sadly not feature Simon Pegg's character Hugh Campbell Sr.
In conversation with Collider recently, the actor was asked if he'll appear in any of the dark superhero show's upcoming episodes.
"No," he confirmed. "They got me out of the way. I did my little bit. It was very fun to do that show. I was pleased to be a part of it."
Did you know that Pegg's likeness was actually the inspiration behind Wee Hughie for comic book artist Darick Robertson?
The Boys is adapted from the comics series of the same name and Robertson previously explained how the actor made an imprint on this particular character, even though eventual star Jack Quaid looks nothing like him.
"Garth [Ennis, the comic's writer] emphasised that it was important to capture an innocence but tough determination in Hughie," he explained.
"Two things that seemed to contradict each other and somehow in early sketches he kept looking too old. When I saw Simon Pegg in Spaced I thought he captured that balance perfectly."
Meanwhile, Pegg has also opened up about the (currently delayed) Mission: Impossible 7.
"I couldn't possibly comment on the script," he shared, "but I have seen the plan and it's looking really interesting. (Director) Chris McQuarrie is very good at character.
"He's a master at staging those big action sequences, but none of that matters, if you don't care about the characters."


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