Tom Holland shared a photo of Nadia Parks with Instagram followers and sparked new conversations that they are now dating.

In the photo, the actress is captured in a protective mask against the background of a beautiful sky. Tom left the photo unsigned. Nadia posted a photo of the same day, taken from a different angle.
In May, rumors surfaced that Tom Holland and Nadia Parks were quarantining together at the actor’s London home. A celebrity source said the couple is in a serious relationship, and before that, they went on dates with each other for over three months.
‘Tom and Nadia were quarantined in London, it was the beginning of their relationship. And they decided to isolate themselves together. And they are doing great. Tom told his friends and family that he was in a serious relationship, and living together in quarantine would only strengthen them.’ – said the insider. Nadia moved to Tom’s house, where he lives with 21-year-old brother Harry and his 23-year-old friend Harrison Osterfield.

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