Supermodel Miranda Kerr and her boyfriend Evan Spiegel are reportedly planning to get married.

The 31-year-old supermodel split from her husband Orlando Bloom three years after they wed. Lately, She's been talking about tying the knot with her boyfriend, reported Contactmusic.

"He's (Evan) so in love with her. They are really happy with each other and Miranda can see herself marrying him. They've been seriously speaking about getting engaged," a source said.

Kerr hasn't legally terminated her marriage with Orlando yet. They have a five-year-old son Flynn.

Engagement could be in the future plans for Kerr and Spiegel as they've recently just bought a house together in Los Angeles, California.

"Miranda loves living with Evan, He has let her decorate and design their house the way she wants," the source added.

Ker started dating the 25-year-old Snapchat founder in June 2015 and was determined to wait at least six months before she introduced him to Flynn.

"We (Orlando and I) decided that we had to know the person for six months and feel good about them (before introducing them to Flynn)," she said.

"Evan met Flynn, so yeah, things are going well. Orlando thinks he's great. We're just a modern family now!" she concluded.

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