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How to listen to the Radio Russkaya Reklama in HD radio format
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How listen to the radio Russkaya Reklama in HD (High Definition Audio — sound of high resolution or quality).

Step 1. First of all, make sure that receiver in your car or music center supports HD format. It is simply to define: if your device has HD logo, then your receiver supports HD radio broadcasting. You can listen to the Radio Russkaya Reklama all day long and in ideal High Definition (HD) quality.

Step 2. If you didn’t find HD logo, so your receiver does not support this format of broadcasting. But instead of this, you can listen to our radio on our website radio.rusrek.com or by downloading the application “Radio Russkaya Reklama” or “Radio Russ Rek” on any smart phone, tablet or computer

You can install application through

Step 3. If you car or music center supports HD radio format, then you should find 96.3 FM radio station in New York.

Step 4. Our radio station is located on HD3 channel. So, after finding 96.3 FM station, please search for HD-channels and select HD3.

Step 5.After you’ve tuned on 96.3 FM-HD3 station, you should save us in a list of chosen channels: SAVE > FAVORITES.

Step 6. Now you can listen to our radio 24 hours a day/7days a week in an ideal HD quality all over New York State and closed areas.

Our radio is not to be listened ONLY in the cars that supports HD-broadcasting. You can listen to us on any smartphone, tablet or computer, by downloading the FREE application from stores


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Radio of Russian Immigration in USA

96.3 FM-HD3 in New York


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Our radio is designated to the listeners of various ages: from the older generation with its typical nostalgia for the native country to the Americanized middle-aged and young people who have achieved great success in the USA.


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